Entering the Hospital

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الناشرCasa de Velázquez
مكان النشرMadrid
Date de publication2015
Type de ressourceTexte - Imprimés
الكلمات الدالةOrdre militaire religieux, Militaires
مجالات الاهتمامElites, Ordre religieux
التخصصات العلميةHistoire
التغطية الزمنيةMoyen Âge
مذكرةThe rule of the Neapolitan Angevin king of Hungary, Charles I (1301-1342), caused fundamental changes in the governance of the realm. Charles introduced a system which was in use during the late Carolingian period and it based on the offices and the landed estates collated together. From the beginning of the fourteenth century onwards the only way to rise to the circle of the Hungarian aristocracy was to obtain royal offices and the revenues of the attached landed estates which were known as ...
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